Salutations Studio | Yoga & Dance for Wallowa County
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Salutations Studio offers high quality yoga and dance classes at a low cost

I, Esther Petrocine, believe that movement classes should be available to people of all walks of life and affordable for all. I aim to empower each individual through movement to find their own inner wisdom and to deepen their relationship with Self so that they can bring the fullness of their being to their community.


Offering a full range of yoga classes four days a week both in Joseph at “the Place” & in Lostine above the Lostine Tavern! Descriptions, registration, and payment can be found on our calendar!

Healing Movement Workshops

Special Workshops ranging from one day to several weeks offer students an opportunity for focused skill building in a safe, enjoyable environment. From”Intro to Yoga”, to “Yoga for Happy Hips”, there is something for everyone! Private lessons also offered, please inquire if interested.

Dance Classes

Dance Classes are offered on a seasonal basis or privately. Please contact for more details.