Salutations Studio offers high quality, affordable dance and yoga classes for the community. Founded by Esther Petrocine, Salutations Studio is a space for people of all abilities and movement experience to come feel the joy of being in their bodies! Salutations is a friendly greeting and a reference to the classic sequence of yoga poses, Sun Salutations. Opening toward the east, or the rising sun is symbolic of asking for blessings of grace and bliss. Come find yours in one of the many class offerings throughout the week, and seasonally varied!


My name is Esther Petrocine. I am a movement educator and creative instructor. I began my movement studies as a child, growing up as a dancer and an athlete in Laramie, Wyoming. I went on to earn a BS in Human Physiology and a minor in Dance from the University of Oregon.
Sharing my love for movement, I worked as a personal trainer and pursued modern dance performance opportunities in Portland. Due to chronic, debilitating pain as a result of car and bicycle accidents, I devoted much of my time to my yoga practice. Upon tapping into the healing qualities of yoga, both physically and spiritually, it felt important to me to deepen my practice and find ways to offer this ancient art to others. I pursued the yogafit teacher training as well as a STOTT Pilates instructor training and began offering these mind body classes to my gym community.
In 2008 I changed career paths, but continued my life as a student of yoga and dance. My work as a dancer evolved into teaching, choreographing, and putting on productions. In the midst of it all, I found my way back to teaching yoga when I met Alison Alstrom, a certified Anusara Yoga instructor. I completed a 200 hour teacher training program with her, learned the Universal Principles of Alignment, and taught in Portland before starting a family.

Growing up in a small town, I deeply valued having a dance teacher who provided great dance classes and creative space for students. That opportunity influenced and shaped who I am today. I hope to provide opportunities for the youth in Wallowa County to add dance to the already abundant resources we have here for expression through art and connecting to nature.

Yoga has been a deeply important aspect of my spiritual growth, supporting me through the trials of life, helping me to stay present on my journey and humble to the needs of my body. It has been a profound influence in overcoming chronic pain and staying connected to my heart. I am a forever student, learning from each person who opens to the possibilities that arise while on their mat. My aim is to offer an inclusive space for each individual to come as they are, to deepen their relationship with Self, tap into their own inner wisdom, and to feel empowered through movement.




JAMIE O”NEILL: Hi! I am a Wisconsin native with a love for movement, sunshine, and chocolate. I grew up outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and from a young age I quickly learned that the more active I was, the happier I was. I went to college at Georgetown University where I continued staying active through distance running and explored my interest in health and wellness by studying the US healthcare system. After college, I worked for a global health non-profit through which I lived in Rwanda and Sierra Leone (so much sunshine!). I began dabbling in yoga classes in college, and after several back injuries I began to practice yoga regularly, grateful for the relief it brought to my body. The more I practiced, the more I not only realized that my body was benefitting from yoga – I also felt greater mental clarity and emotional calm. Following a year of disaster relief work in Sierra Leone, I completed a 200 hour Hatha yoga training in Mazunte, Mexico, and I have since taught classes in Milwaukee, WI; Bennington, VT; and Tamarindo, Costa Rica. I am passionate about personal wellness – I hope to one day work as a medical doctor and to intertwine yoga into my medical practice. I moved to Wallowa County in the fall of 2017 with my fiance. I am thrilled to connect with the yoga community here and to share my practice with others, learning from every student and with every class.