New Class Pricing – Sliding Scale

New Class Pricing – Sliding Scale

Part of my mission as Salutations Studio is to ensure that money does not become a road block to getting to Yoga. It remains very important to me, and I am always happy to work out a trade or a discount for class prices. This is priority number one. With this new sliding scale, I have given thought to other priorities. In order to create a more sustainable future as a small business owner, and to be able to continue to offer high quality classes, I am giving you the choice to choose a level of support that fits with you budget and helps me out at the same time. The idea is that on some occasions you might pay at the low end of the scale, and other times, perhaps more. You are not locked in to any one rate. The flexibility of the sliding scale allows you to offer what you can, when you can. Please don’t ever let money get in the way of showing up to class.

Another money related concern…my Tuesday 4pm class at the Place is ending. If you are a regular attendee and have classes that you have already purchased on a 5 or 10 class pass, and do not see any other class that will suite your needs in place of “Gentle Hatha + Restorative”, please reach out and contact me. I am happy to work something out with you. Likely, that class will show up again in the future, perhaps at a different time of day.

Lastly, for “Prana Flow” and other workshops that are offered in the future, the pricing is separate from the drop-in pricing. So, although you can attend as a drop-in student, the fee will be whatever the registration info for that class indicates. If you want to sign up for the series, but will miss some weeks, please let me know and we can pro-rate the cost.

I think that’s it for $$ for now. 🙂

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