Yoga Classes

We offer a variety of Yoga class styles and levels throughout the week on an ongoing basis.

View our calendar for information and to register!

Gentle Hatha: Ideal for beginners, people with injuries, pregnant women, new mothers, or anyone seeking a calming, therapeutic practice. 

Mindful Flow: An intermediate flow to rejuvenates your whole being. Engage your body with active sequencing to make up a balanced practice.

Core Yoga: An all level practice focusing on strength, flexibility, clarity, focus, and intuitive guidance; taking your practice to a new level.

Yoga Rotation: Shifting in focus every 4 weeks, this class will go from a foundations focus, to pre-holiday detox, to mid-holiday restorative.

Purely Restorative: A gentle style of yoga that allows you to find deep release through long, supported holds in calming, nurturing poses.