Yoga Classes

We offer a variety of Yoga class styles and levels throughout the week on an ongoing basis.

View our calendar for information and to register!


Gentle Yoga: Ideal for beginners, people with injuries, pregnant women, new mothers, or anyone seeking a calming, therapeutic practice. 

Joyful Flow: An all level, warming series to get you moving through the winter! Develop strength, flexibility, and mindfulness while enjoying good tunes and the company of others. Give yourself 8 weeks to focus on a refreshed new you in the new year!

Core Yoga: An all level practice focusing on strength, flexibility, clarity, focus, and intuitive guidance; taking your practice to a new level.

Chakra Yoga: Find balance in your practice and in your life with the unique system of the Chakras! As you embody elements such as earth, water, fire, wind, and ether, you will begin to take ownership of how to actively change old patterns and clear stagnant energy. Connect to the current of life pulsing through you!

Purely Restorative: A gentle style of yoga that allows you to find deep release through long, supported holds in calming, nurturing poses.